"I had the opportunity to work with Logan multiple times within the last year and was extremely impressed with her light, yet professional approach to tackling everything thrown her way. She wrote various press releases for a band that I manage and I was thoroughly impressed with her work. Each release was written cleverly and it was clear that passion was present. I will return to Logan as a client in the future," - American Record Producer, Jeff Glixman. 

"Logan is a consummate professional, she excelled in her work with me, particularly in being able to capture and understand complex information than run that complexity into something that others can simply understand. Whilst she has a friendly unassuming nature she possesses the ability to capture artifacts of information through active listening and research then synthesize that into a compelling message," - Music Technologist, Finbar O' Hanlon. 

"I've worked with many artists, and they've gotten off to great starts in large part to Logan's hard work. Hire her so she can help you and your team craft YOUR story," - Nine North Record Label CEO, Larry Pareigis. 

"Logan is one of those that no matter what you put in front of her the finished product is wonderful. Working in the music world sometimes you don’t always have what you need in front of you, but Logan always comes up with the right words. She understands how to catch your attention and also how to keep whatever she is writing flowing. Anytime I require something written and presented to a client, I turn to Logan," - Marketing Manager, Austin Smith. 

"I have worked with Logan many times through my publicity firm, 2911 Media. She has written most of my press releases over the past year and she always impresses me with her wording and how she tells my story each time.  It's difficult to write a press release that stands out above others but she always finds some clever way of making mine stand out.  Logan is so talented and eager to take the next step in the music business. It takes hard work, persistence, talent, and drive- she has every single one of those qualities to excel. She's A+ in my book," - Country Music Artist, JD Shelburne. 

"I was blessed with the opportunity to have Logan write not only several of my press releases but also my mission statement for my anti-bullying non-profit. She captured who I am and everything my cause is about so accurately. I am proud to have her be a crucial part of such a foundational milestone in my music career and cause," - Pop Artist and Anti-Bullying Non-Profit CEO, Nedy Valdivia