Top 5 Best Plant Based Spots To Try In Nashville This Summer

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Planning a Trip to Music City?

Tour The Most Eco- Friendly Eateries One Hot Chxn Sandwich At A Time.

1. The Be-Hive Deli

Chxn Philly: A two word love story. Seriously, the Be-Hive Deli makes the best plant based food that I have ever eaten. Located in a small shop in East Nashville with retail and wholesale products distributed throughout supermarkets and restaurants all over America; The Be-Hive is slowly taking over plant based they should. They prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner options ranging from loaded tots, to chz steak and Italian subs. This is the perfect spot for those looking to branch out and try plant based items for the first time.

TRY: Buffalo Chxn Philly w/ tots

2. Falcon Coffee Bar/ Flamingo

I first found out about Falcon through a friend who recommended their coffee. Little did I know, the entire menu was plant based and of course; I ended up staying for desert. Aside from 5 star plates like the French Quarter Dip Sub and potato salad to the left; Falcon has a very chill back patio space and at night, the bar turns into a pink themed cocktail club and bodega.

TRY: Orange Chxn Fried Rice

3. Morsel

Visit Morsel Website

I don't know about you, but pastries are my weakness. I can be on the biggest health kick and someone could hand me a blueberry muffin and it's game over. Morsel is an all vegan gluten-free bakery with no physical location in Nashville; however, you can find their products at a number of coffee/brunch spots around the city. My favorite place to pick up one of these items is at Headquarters Coffee off of Charlotte Pike. They sell muffins, doughnut holes, scones and more; perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or celiac, and those who just want to treat themselves.

TRY: Pumpkin Bread

4. Veggilicious Café

If you're looking to satisfy southern soul food cravings, then look no further. Trust me when I tell you that their entire menu tastes exactly like the food it is trying to imitate, only healthier and more conscious of the planet. This gluten free café with its string lit, colorful back patio is located in North Nashville but has a special place in the hearts of those who live for classic comfort food.

TRY: Soul Food Plate

5. Southern V

Chxn and waffles...need. I. say. more. Aside from being home to the best Mac 'n Chz in the world, the Southern V allows plant based tourists to enjoy music city culture with a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich topping their menu, as well as other fried Chxn options. You wouldn't expect this from the area that it is located, but I promise it's worth the trip! TRY: TSV Patty Melt and Black Beans

Honorable Mention:

Yellow and Lavender

Similar to Morsel mentioned above, Yellow and Lavender is an all vegan bakery with no physical location that stocks various Nashville markets, coffee shops, and brunch spots. What's different? Y & L is LGBTQ and immigrant owned and is not entirely gluten free. Yellow and Lavender is home to Nashville's only plant based Cronut and many other delicious treats. You can find a few of their items at almost every Nashville Farmers market. One of my favorite things to do to break up the week is to head to the 12th South Farmers Market on Tuesday nights for a little stroll in the park, and a Yellow & Lavender muffin.

TRY: Chocolate Babka

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