Nashville Coffee Review: OSA Coffee

Updated: Mar 29

"It's Damn Fine Coffee"


What makes a coffee shop thee go to coffee shop for you? It's probably different for us all. For some people, its all about the aesthetic and local color and for others, a strong cold brew is a must. I am automatically sold if a shop has peppermint syrup all year round. I can't put it into words, but somehow peppermint just elevates the whole experience of a mocha. I do realize how basic this makes me sound, and I am not ashamed.

A coffee shop achieves a perfect 10/10 stamp if it has a unique aesthetic, has peppermint syrup year round and has coffee that tastes unlike any other place that I have been to in that city.

I am in pursuit of the best Oat milk mocha iced latte. Bonus points applied for peppermint and a spicy option.

OSA clocks in at a 7.5 and here's why.

There is no other place like it in Nashville for the fact that it is a coffee kiosk. Outside, they have local products that you can purchase along with OSA tumblers. What's really unique is that you cannot sit inside and drink coffee. Instead, it has a walk up window for you to order your coffee and encourages walking around the area... and let me tell you, the area is just perfect for it! Edgehill is a couple blocks north of Belmont and right beside Music Row. The neighborhood is filled with record labels as well as many local bars. The record labels really highlight the authenticity of Music City and the bars range from burgers and boots, to Spanish wine in true Nashville eclectic fashion.

There is an alley inside Edgehill village, pictured below. If you walk through it and turn left you will see a warehouse door with no sign that looks like a janitors closet, but if you open it, it is actually Old Glory; a vintage looking speak easy that was built around a giant old chimney. All this and more, just a block walk from OSA's walk up windows. I'm a little jealous of all the Belmont students for having this coffee shop right in their backyard.

Don't get me wrong, the coffee was good, but it was nothing special. Yes, I am being slightly bias because there was no peppermint syrup, but overall it was a good oat milk iced latte. Their website says that they specialize in light to medium roast, so if you enjoy dark roast, that might sway your rating. I'll admit that I pretty much make my judgement based off of how sweet the coffee tastes. So, maybe don't take my word for it if you're a hard core coffee aficionado.

OSA had all the plant milks, however; they did not have eco friendly cups which played into my rating. At the end of the day, the coffee was good, but I have had a million other lattes like it.

To read more about OSA Coffee Roasters, visit HERE.

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