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Updated: Sep 17

"Life Is Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer"

By Guest Blogger: Zach Eiting

Beer is a beverage that has become synonymous with Nashville. Tucked away down side streets and alleys, the craft beer scene is alive and well.

My passion for craft beer led me to Jackalope Brewing Company, located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood.

Jackalope Brewing Co. was conceived in 2009 and opened the doors to its first taproom in 2011. After business took off in 2018, Jackalope opened “The Ranch” in order to gain more space for production, and then attached a second taproom.

For all future brewery reviews on this blog and to break down the review of Jackalope’s Taproom; I will award up to two points for each category and give a score out of ten. The categories are exterior, interior, food, beer, and overall atmosphere.



The first category is exterior. The Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood has a couple of cocktail bars and coffee shops as well as a few restaurants. The area doesn’t overly impress, but that can be expected with the size and space Jackalope needed to increase production. The exterior of the building resembles that of a large warehouse and could be considered dull if not for the beautiful artwork on the reservoir located outside the back of the building. The taproom also opens up to the outside, has outdoor seating available, and is pet friendly. The exterior score is a 1 due to the overall look of the warehouse and the limited outdoor seating.



The second category is interior. The interior gives the feel of a classic brewery/taproom. Visitors can see the brewing operation and stills through a window in the taproom. There is an impressive line of taps on the wall paired with a chalkboard listing of the beers on tap. The indoor tables are suitable for customers ranging from large parties, to two person dates. There is seating at the bar for those who desire less of a personal setting. I did not see too many TVs around the taproom. There was also a retail shop with clothing and accessories, and of course I bought a t shirt. The interior scored a 1.75 due to the cleanliness and classical brewery look and feel. It is always nice to see the stills and picture the chemical processes occurring that has lead to the refreshing beverage in your glass.



The third category is food. Jackalope does not have a full menu but opts to serve appetizers like pretzels and cheese, charcuterie boards, a cheese and bread plate, and single-serve bags of chips. To make up for the lack of food made in-house, Jackalope regularly schedules food trucks and allows its patrons to bring outside food in. Unfortunately, I have to score Jackalope a 0.5 on food. This is due to the lack of food served in house and the fact that food trucks are not always there.



The fourth category is beer. Jackalope serves a mix of year-round brews, seasonal brews, special release brews, and flights of beers. I had one year-round beer (Fennario IPA) and one special release beer (Crooning Crane) at the taproom. Both were delicious. The IPA was hoppy and dank with great piney notes. The Crooning Crane is a Fruit Beer with a key lime wheat flavor that is tart, tropical, and refreshing.

Outside of the taproom, I have also enjoyed seasonal beers like the Snowman Stout (Stout) and the Lovebird (Strawberry Raspberry Wheat Ale). I have also had the Bearwalker before and was impressed by the sweet malty flavor from the maple brown ale. Jackalope ran a promotion on Bearwalker by partnering with the Nashville Predators Foundation to donate a portion of the sales to charity. The beer score is a 2 for the Jackalope Brewing Company. They do a great job of offering a large selection and variety of beers to appeal to any customer’s craft beer palate. The beers are not overly complicated while also retaining the flavor and checking all the boxes for every style.



The final category is the overall atmosphere. The taproom serves hard cider, nonalcoholic root beer and sparkling water for those who are driving, children, or prefer not to drink. This is great because it provides inclusion for family or friends who do not desire a drink. The music has a vinyl feel, playing do-wop oldies which makes the taproom feel more laid-back and relaxed. I never felt hurried or rushed and the staff was knowledgeable about the beer they served. The overall atmosphere score is 1.75. This is due to the laid-back feel of the brewery.

Overall, the Jackalope Brewing Company “Ranch” location scored a 7/10. The brewery/taproom is above average and impressive. The inside gives a classical brewery look. While a little dull and warehouse looking, the outside has great seating. The food menu is disappointing but being able to bring in outside food is a major bonus. The beer is really high quality and it is an overall great place for craft beer lovers to enjoy any style and flavor of the beer. The atmosphere is relaxing and laid back. I will most certainly be returning and will continue to enjoy the array of brews that Jackalope has made available.

Drink Legendary.

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