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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Experience An Escape From Reality That Makes Reality That Much More Beautiful

1. @theworldfromawindow

Do you ever find yourself looking out the window with an imagination so vast that a dull view of the adjacent apartment building becomes the rolling hills of Tuscany, and all at once the cup of tea in your hand boasts a bold red wine atop a balcony that is now a blanket in the grass? I hope I'm not the only one. Though the grass may not always be greener on the other side, it does the mind well to water the imagination from time to time.

@theworldfromawindow sets the scene as if you are looking out of a window. Each post transports followers to a grand landscape; Whether that be a small bungalow in the Maldives, a cozy cobblestone home lining the quaint streets of southern France, or a colorful Spanish stucco set in Barcelona. There is something very familiar and comforting that exist within the idea of viewing foreign land as a scene from a window. This is a page that speaks to those whose ideal mornings constitute a cup of coffee with a good book in hand, gazing out of the window and musing over God's beautiful artwork.

2. @sightsofrelief

At the end of a long day as we sit and reflect on a job well done; we breathe a sight of relief. Isn't that the expression? In this case a sigh of relief IS a sight of relief as they both elicit the same emotional response. Maybe you are caught up in the hustle of the modern day 9-5 or maybe you're just having a stressful afternoon.

@asightsofrelief describe themselves as a virtual runaway; here for you when the days get too routine and you just feel like...well, running away from it all. It is almost inevitable to let go of all too familiar tensions as you run through majestic mountains far and wide with a simple scroll. What sets @sightsofrelief apart is the reels that they post. Each little detail of a scene is meticulously filmed and paired with music that makes us feel like we could jump into our phones and live out the scene as if we were the main character in a film.

3. @lumadeline

Without pages like this, I would not have such an affinity for travel as I do. People often like to refer to social media as toxic, and toxic it can be, depending on what we are exposing ourselves to and how we let this content filter through our brains. Without content from photographers like Madeline Lu, we may never see the world so effortlessly for what it is.

Apart from the other pages that I have discussed, @lumadeline is a photographer who travels the world and captures culture in real time through a lens. Each adventure appears authentic as she takes followers through not only popular landscapes but small hidden gems. Though you are simply staring at a screen, you are living for the moment; the moment that you may have never considered taking a leap of faith towards, until seeing this page, and deciding that time is an adventure. Foodies and those who wish to virtually travel off the beaten path will enjoy this page for the way that it highlights every facet of an areas culture and tradition. One must experience the world for themselves while simultaneously experiencing the world through thousands of years, thousands of footsteps and thousands of perspectives that make it what it is.

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